A Pastry Chef with a Sense of Personality

Flavor. Art. Work

Each and every one of our dishes is a composition of freshness, simplicity and fine design. Our pastry chef Mirko ensures that there are subtle nuances. Whether it’s homemade tarts, cakes or pastries, he is careful to make the different flavors resonate at every stage of preparation. Like an artist, he creates each plate like a painting; after all, the pleasure of a meal always begins in the eye of the beholder.

Mirko: The Artist 

When Mirko discusses his philosophy as a pastry chef, you can hear the excitement in his voice. His enthusiasm is palpable. And if you are lucky enough to sample his creations, you’ll immediately taste his enthusiasm.

The Golden Rose philosophy holds particularly true in the kitchen, especially for the pâtisserie: simplicity combined with sophistication. Down-to-earth, yet designed. The pastry chef's creative vision and his love of culinary innovation are fully reflected in every bite.

It is Mirko who prepares all the sweet, fruity and fresh dishes at the Golden Rose. His pies, cakes and other desserts as well as pastas, salads and side dishes appear on the Golden Rose tables throughout the whole day. At breakfast, tea-time and dinner alike, Mirko's magic runs through the dining room like a golden thread.

Delivering on What's Promised

According to the young pastry chef, a successful dish must wish to communicate and, above all, be capable of doing so. Because the Instagram aesthetic – which promises a lot but falls flat when it comes to flavor – is a whole other thing.
Indeed, every dish served on Golden Rose plates is finely tuned to work together. Every nuance of flavor on the palate – sweet, salty, bitter, fruity or rich – resonates with the other ingredients.

“It's important to me," says Mirko, "that guests feel at every moment that we are taking special care of them. We respond to each order with a great degree of sensitivity and try to bring them to a new level in terms of culinary experience.”

The Golden Rose in Certosa – More Than Just a Meal

A meal is so much more than just nourishment. It stimulates all the senses, highlights the special qualities of the ingredients and, above all, communicates the setting in which – and the love with which – it came into being.

As Mirko sculpts miniature leaves of chocolate and arranges them next to a dessert, it is clear how much attention is devoted to each of his compositions. Because an artist knows understands the soul – in every moment of every day.