Contemplation Amidst the Glaciers

The Power of Silence

The meaning of the word contemplative is being introspective, staying still and reflecting in awe; it describes a calm, almost meditative mood. Contemplation thus means being deeply aware of the here and now.



CONTEMPLATION | ˌkɒntɛmˈpleɪʃ(ə)n | noun [mass noun] the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time: the road is too busy for leisurely contemplation of the scenery. • deep reflective thought: he would retire to his room for study or contemplation

Chapel near Certosa

Some moments in life call for a very special space. Not far from the hotel, you’ll find a little chapel that sits in a secluded clearing. Ideal for that special occasion. It’s a tranquil place for meditation and for the ceremonies that touch the heart. It fits approximately 35 people: whether for a wedding, a celebration or an occasion that calls for giving thanks, surrounded by the sound of the bells.

The abbey of the silent monks. The passage to the monastery. The church nave. Around the walls of the old monastery, the town of Karthaus-Certosa came to life - where the mantra of stillness still echoes. It is a place where a glimpse eternity can be felt.

It is quiet in the centre

Come, pause for a little while - in Karthaus-Certosa

Path of Silence: the Via Monachorum

The Via Monachorum trail begins right at our doorstep. This themed trail is wholly dedicated to silence, Silentium, and represents an opportunity to rediscover the power of quietude.

Just follow the signs, and walk to the neighboring village of Unser Frau im Schnalstal and Katharinaberg (Hof am Wasser).



Meditation & Coaching with Dr. Giselle Full.

Guided meditations, lectures, coaching, silent walks in nature and last but not least culinary accompaniments allow us to meet fulfillment in the quietude of Being.


Combine your stay.

Surrounded by an absolute silence all for yourself. If you look up high, immense freedom on the mountain calls. At an altitude of 2845 meters, our little Customs House opens its doors to our hotel guests.

The Customs House by the Golden Rose.