One MICHELIN Key for the Goldene Rose Karthaus


The MICHELIN Key has arrived to Italy and we are delighted and incredibly proud to announce that the Goldene Rose Karthaus has been awarded with one MICHELIN Key. One Key, which denotes “a very special stay”.

We are one of 107 hotels in Italy to be awarded with One MICHELIN Key, one of eight Hotels in Southtyrol.

Every single MICHELIN Guide hotel is eligible. Over the last four years, the MICHELIN selection team of passionate, independent experts vetted, scrutinized, and ultimately determined more than 5,000 remarkable hotels for inclusion in the MICHELIN Guide hotel collection. Each has been selected for its remarkable quality. Out of these thousands of hotels, those offering the most outstanding stays will be awarded the special MICHELIN Key distinction. And we are more than proud to be one of these.

This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the whole Goldene Rose Team and Family Grüner. We are thankful for everyone who has played a part in creating such a exceptional and very special experience for our guests. Thank you for your dedication to excellence.

Five universal criteria for MICHELIN Key hotels: excellence in architecture and interior design, quality and consistency of service, overall personality and character, value for the price, and a significant contribution to the neighborhood or setting. Our Key hotels are the best of the best in all categories.