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The SILENTIUM Retreat– Finding fulfillment in the joy of silence

Meditation and choaching with Dr. Giselle Full for arriving in ourselves

We all long for a life of fulfillment and happiness. More often than not however we find ourselves in a life that is not exactly meeting this longing. Instead of searching for happiness outside of us, this retreat invites us to find fulfillment by looking within.
Guided meditationslectures, choaching, silent walks in nature and last but not least culinary delicacies allow us to meet fulfillment in the quietude of Being.

And what is actually meant by silence?
Allowing to meet ourselves through silence is the essence of most spiritual practices and cultural traditions aiming to reach life’s highest potential. Rumi, a mystic and poet of ancient Persia invites us to this silence by saying: „Let silence take you to the core of life.“

But what is behind this predominant role, silence takes in all these diverse traditions and what do we actually mean, when we speak of silence?
Whereas outer silence has the capacity to grand us some degree of peace and calm it cannot fulfill our longing of connectedness, love, joy and a deep understanding of who we are.
However, there is a reality of peace, love and joy latent and discovered in us, when the noise of the mind is calming down. In this silence we discover our true identity and we realize that this silence is not empty but fulfillment itself.

21.07 - 24.07.2024 | 10.10 - 13.10.2024

Gifting moments of silence
Enjoy silence - discover fullness. Gift your loved ones our SILENTIUM retreat voucher for very special and also peaceful moments in life.