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    Rituals of wellbeing
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Mindfulness Rituals

The Many Facets of Wellbeing

Let’s take the word “wellbeing” at face value. It encompasses swimming in remote places, walking through the forests of the Senales Valley, taking in long-distance views, deep massages, sweating in the sauna and exfoliating with our GLACISSE line of skin-care products.

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Water, Stone & Fire: Sauna Rituals

Our sauna facilities are a little cosmos of their own. In our Karthauser Bad you’re as close to nature as can be, in the private SPA it’s cozy and personal, and our penthouse and junior suites have the sauna right there at your disposal.

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Our Sauna Facilities

  • Taking a sauna: our Karthauser Bad

    Flickering flames, splashing water and pure fresh air. At our Karthauser Bad, the four elements are palpable in their purest form. An incomparable place to commune with nature, this open-air sauna not only offers a stunning panorama but also connects back to the roots of Nordic sauna culture.

    A wooden walkway leads guests, in bathrobes, directly to the Finnish Sauna at treetop height, where the cleansing ritual of perspiration begins. The Earth Sauna is heated with the purest wood sourced right here in the valley. Cooling down is easy in the crystal-clear air of the Senales Valley.

  • Movement – in the Karthauser Bad

    Facing incomparable panoramas of mountain and valley, body and soul can unwind in the two outdoor pools. As you melt into the steaming water, it’s easy to just dream or chat.

    Conversation is also the focal point inside the Gloriette, our glass pavilion with tall windows, benches and an open fireplace. Human beings have come together around a fire since time immemorial. To ponder, to philosophize and to laugh. You’ll do all three, surrounded by the fragrant scent of larch trees, under the star-studded heavens of Senales Valley


  • Private SPA in the warm heart of the mountains

    Warm your feet on the Osernone stone floor, sweat inside the Lasa-marble steam bath, rest on the heated loungers made of porphyry sourced from the Western Dolomites, or cool off in our unique ice grotto surrounded by hollowed-out Martell granite. Our Private SPA was built using South Tyrolean stone and designed as an intimate, minimalist world of mountains at the heart of the Golden Rose.

    The focal point of the Private SPA is the pristine power of the elements: glacier water flows and steams all around, aromas of wood from the Finnish sauna waft through the air, and warm earth tones soothe spa guests. The spa merges many features of South Tyrol’s mountains into an experience that allows space and time to be completely forgotten.

    Want to make a reservation? All you have to do is inform the front desk.

  • A sauna in your own room

    The ultimate experience: from the bath into the sauna, from the sauna to cool off on the balcony, and from the fresh air directly to a good nap in your own bed. Our Penthouse and Junior Suites allow guests to enjoy a sauna experience completely for themselves. For more information, please click here.

GLACISSE Skin-Care Products

Skin-care products that harness the power of the glacier

Take care of your body in a mindful way. Soothing treatments and massages with our own GLACISSE line of skin-care products.

Naturally regenerating. GLACISSE stimulates the skin’s natural anti-oxidation processes and protects the cells from harmful free radicals.

Naturally rejuvenating. GLACISSE provides plenty of moisture, which is stored in the skin over the long term, helping to maintain its firmness and elasticity.

GLACISSE skin-care products with the power of the glacier.

Available for purchase at the hotel or via

GLACISSE – la nostra innovativa linea cosmetica che racchiude l’energia del ghiacciaio della Val Senales

"In order to feel truly beautiful, the soul must smile too. We want to take the whole person into account, and help guide him or her towards a very individualized sense of wellbeing."


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