GLACISSE Treatments

It’s just like the glacier: active and dormant at the same time. Our GLACISSE treatments put the human body front and center. Whether a revitalizing treatment or something designed for deep relaxation: glacial minerals are gently massaged into the desired zones using thermo-active clay packs, calming arnica, lavender and other natural products, in support of the body’s natural regenerative power.

Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m.  to 7:00 p.m.

To book a treatment: +39 0473 679130 



GLACISSE Anti-Aging Facial

55 Min. | € 79

This GLACISSE treatment focuses on the face, neck and décolletage. After a precise analysis of your skin type we recommend a series of treatments that is custom tailored to meet the particular needs of your skin. Benefit from the regenerative power of the glacier: the MICA GLACIAL® extract gives your skin a visible radiance and more youthful appearance. The treatment begins with a gentle cleansing and toning of the skin using AQUA GLACIAL®. The GLACISSE® peel then opens the pores, leaving it more receptive to benefit from the subsequent treatments. GLACISSE® Active Serum is then gently massaged into the deeper layers of the skin. A refreshing facial mask and rejuvenating massage round off the treatment, leaving your skin with a radiant, youthful glow.

GLACISSE Premium Anti-Aging Facial

80 Min. | € 95

GLACISSE Anti-Aging Facial plus lifting mask

GLACISSE Purifying Cleanse

55 Min. | € 55

This facial cleanse penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, leaving it visibly re-balanced. Special GLACISSE products cleanse and purify the skin. An accompanying massage and gentle mask help your skin regain its elasticity and natural radiance.


40 Min. | € 49

This treatment hydrates and soothes, reducing damage caused by the elements, helping to eliminate redness and restoring the skin’s natural beauty.



GLACISSE Total Regeneration

90 Min. | € 95

This treatment really harnesses the power of the glacier. A thorough exfoliation prepares the skin for a nourishing MICA GLACIAL® cream pack, which is then followed by a rejuvenating full-body massage. Your skin is left nourished, soothed and regenerated.


50 Min. | € 65

Your choice between an exfoliation or a pack, followed by a relaxing massage: a nice little break for you, and a boon for your skin

GLACISSE Total Detox

90 Min. | € 95

This treatment activates microcirculation and promotes the elimination of toxins and stagnant fluids. The skin is first prepared with the GLACISSE Active Scrub, followed by a soft and effective detoxifying mudpack and a full-body massage that helps to sculpt and oxygenate.

GLACISSE Perfect Silhouette

50 Min. | € 65

This treatment targets your own individual problem areas: its aim is to improve the contours of your body and minimize the appearance of cellulite.

GLACISSE Healthy Back

40 Min. | € 49

The treatment begins with application of our thermo-active pack made from phyto mud. This pack is rich in MICA GLACIAL® minerals and contains Alpine plants such as arnica and lavender, which have stress-relieving properties. The pack is followed by a relaxing, soothing massage.


40 Min. | € 49

Minerals sourced from the Senales Glacier stimulate drainage, favoring the absorption of soft minerals and detoxification of the legs. Following a cooling pack, sculpting oil is massaged into the legs, reducing that feeling of heaviness in the legs.

GLACISSE Foot Ritual

25 Min. | € 35

The GLACISSE Foot Ritual begins with an exfoliation and a foot bath that help to relax and restore inner harmony. A rejuvenating mask is then followed by a relaxing massage.

GLACISSE Hand Ritual

20 Min. | € 30

A peel is followed by a hand bath and massage with cream that nourishes the skin. Vitamins A and E, both of which are critical to the body, work here in unison with the MICA GLACIAL® extract for an in-depth restructuring treatment with a visibly rejuvenating effect.



GLACISSE Drainage Massage

50 Min. | € 69

This gentle, rhythmic full-body massage stimulates the drainage of excess fluids in the tissues and reduces any feeling of heaviness in the legs.

GLACISSE Sports Massage

50 Min. | € 65

This deep massage integrates extract of arnica to relax the muscles. Ideal after physical exertion – and helps you get right back in shape for your next athletic challenge.

GLACISSE Relaxing Massage

50 Min. | € 65

This traditional massage with rock crystal oil prevents and relieves muscle tension, tones the skin tissue and provides renewed strength and vitality.

GLACISSE Partial Body Massage

25 Min. | € 45

This massage targets the spots where you personally hold tension the most: back, legs, shoulder area or head and neck.

GLACISSE Plantar Reflexology

50 Min. | € 60

This massage technique stimulates the acupressure points on the soles of the feet, and has a positive effect on the respective organs, muscles and joints. This is an overall feel-good treatment.

GLACISSE Face Massage

20 Min. | € 45

This soothing massage not only relaxes the facial muscles and tones the skin, but also gives the skin critical nutrients and hydration.




€ 245

This purifying and rejuvenating treatment, just for the two of you, is the epitome of relaxation and wellbeing. You can book our spa area for your private treatment accompanied by our relaxing ICE MUSIC. Our spa includes a steam room with natural stone, a Finnish sauna heated by fragrant conifer wood and our invigorating ice cave. One of our expert estheticians will work exclusively with the two of you, pampering you with soothing body treatments and relaxing massages. First a facial scrub will be applied, followed by our stimulating GLACISSE ice treatment and revitalizing MICA GLACIAL® pack. A GLACISSE massage for the body and face follows: a cure-all that leaves your skin as soft as silk. The session is capped off with a little something sweet: fine biscuits with a refreshing GLACISSE sorbet.



GLACISSE Premium Face & Body

€ 171

1 GLACISSE Premium Anti-Aging Facial
1 GLACISSE Total Regeneration body treatment


€ 156

1 GLACISSE Anti-Aging Facial
1 GLACISSE Total Detox body treatment

GLACISSE Joie de Vivre

€ 134

1 GLACISSE Foot Ritual
1 GLACISSE Healthy Back treatment
1 GLACISSE Relaxing Massage


€ 122

1 GLACISSE Purifying Cleanse face treatment
1 GLACISSE Manicure, with nail polish
1 GLACISSE Pedicure, with nail polish



Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Eyebrow shaping

15 Min. | € 11

Eyebrow tinting

15 Min. | € 13

Eyelash tinting

20 Min. | € 15

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, plus brow styling

30 Min. | € 35


Upper lip

10 Min. | € 7

Upper lip and chin

15 Min. | € 14


15 Min. | € 14

Half leg

25 Min. | € 26

Full leg

40 Min. | € 38

Bikini line – classic

20 Min. | € 17

Bikini line – Brazilian

30 Min. | € 23

Silky-Smooth Total Body: (Full leg, underarms, bikini line)

50 Min. | € 56


20 Min. | € 21


20 Min. | € 21

Back and chest

40 Min. | € 38

Beautiful hands

Beautiful hands


Indulge in a soothing hand treatment, including a warm hand bath, application of nail polish (optional) and a nourishing hand massage.

Manicure without nail polish

40 Min. | € 32

Manicure with nail polish

50 Min. | € 39

French manicure

55 Min. | € 42

Manicure with semi-permanent gel

45 Min. | € 44

French manicure with semi-permanent gel

60 Min. | € 50

Removal of semi-permanent gel, plus hand treatment

30 Min. | € 23

Beautiful feet

Beautiful feet


Total relaxation for your feet: a balanced foot treatment, including a revitalizing footbath and application of nail polish (optional), followed by a soothing foot massage.

Pedicure without nail polish

45 Min. | € 36

Pedicure with nail polish

55 Min. | € 42

French pedicure

55 Min. | € 48

Pedicure with semi-permanent gel

75 Min. | € 52

French pedicure with semi-permanent gel

80 Min. | € 60

GLACISSE – la nostra innovativa linea cosmetica che racchiude l’energia del ghiacciaio della Val Senales