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    Good food: a way of life
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The Key to Just Being: Enjoyment

Main Course: Nature

Eat, drink and enjoy yourself. Time ceases to exist during meals – except for the perfect cooking time. Our culinary team conjures up South Tyrolean delicacies using the freshest of seasonal natural produce, mixing in a dash of Val Senales creativity and a good handful of Certosian soul.

Authentic and Fresh

Our gourmet cuisine stands for the idea that even local specialties can build creative bridges between simplicity and finesse, between the regional and the Mediterranean. Val Senales gives us almost everything that is served on your plate. Our chef sources dairy products directly from farmers in the surrounding area; game comes from forests of Val Senales; fragrant herbs are gathered from nearby wild meadows; organic vegetables are grown right in our very own garden.

Gourmet Half-Board

We call our included meals Gourmet Half-Board. It begins with an impeccably served breakfast and continues with homemade cake and fine teas in the afternoon. A gourmet dinner rounds out the day.


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Authentic and Fresh

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