Dining at the Golden Rose

Authentic and Fresh

Our gourmet food symbolizes the fact that regional dishes also build creative bridges between simplicity and finesse, the Alps and the Mediterranean. The Senales Valley is the source for almost everything that ends up on our plates. Our chef obtains dairy products directly from local farmers; game comes from the valley forest; the aromatic herbs are from the neighboring wild meadows; and the organic vegetables are grown in our own garden.

”The power of the valley is stored in the herbs from our gardens and meadows.“
Karim, our chef


Karim: A Simple Passion 

At the Golden Rose, our cuisine is founded upon simple dishes and the freshest ingredients sourced locally.

Chef Karim’s message is also crystal clear: “There is nothing intrinsically complicated about our dishes. We work with high-quality raw ingredients. Every recipe is based upon these ingredients. Being a chef, it's my job and also quite a challenge to discern the inherent properties of each and every ingredient and make them work in the dish.”

So when it comes to cooking, Chef Karim takes special care to highlight the intrinsic flavor of each ingredient and not mask it with excessive spices. With meat in particular, it's important to bring out the natural flavor so that it can fully develop its distinctiveness.

This is an expression of respect for the ingredients, all of which are very lovingly selected and originate from local farming communities to which we are close. 


The Zero-Kilometer Philosophy

The Golden Rose kitchen team works very closely with producers from the Senales Valley. They all know by now that the Grüners attach great importance to premium quality and freshness. Game is purchased directly from hunters; all milk products such as cheese or yogurt come from a neighboring dairy farmer. “Our vegetables are grown in the hotel's own fields and in the vegetable garden near the monastery. Mountain herbs are also extremely important to us. We don't actually have to walk far to get them; they grow practically outside our window, so to speak," says Karim. 


The Aim of South Tyrol's Cuisine is Communication 

Simply put, there is no such thing as clearly definable South Tyrolean cuisine. Instead, it is based on straightforward farmhouse fare, and integrates Italian-Mediterranean recipes. Indeed, Italian and Alpine recipes communicate with each other at all times, continually inspiring new variations.

We at the Golden Rose particularly love to reinterpret the Knödel dumpling over and over again. The basic ingredients are very simple in and of themselves, but with herbs, additions and a beautiful presentation, the dumplings become like everything else here at the hotel: simple, yet refined.