Discover Our Land Through Wine 

It is the perfect framework for meals and an inspiring partner in conversation. A good wine speaks of the vine and its berries, of the soil, of the sun and of how it was made. The Golden Rose has more than 100 quality wines stored in its ancient vaulted cellar. Crafted by small biodynamic growers and local cooperatives, the majority of the meticulously selected labels come from South Tyrol and Italy's other viticultural provinces.


A Sommelier with a Sense of Character

Our in-house sommelier Verena has turned passion into professional expertise. With a great deal of love for fine wines, she has transformed herself from a wine connoisseur into an authoritative wine expert. Verena has tasted and contemplated wine both at fairs and directly at the wineries and has developed an unerring instinct for identifying bottles with that special something. 

“Wine: it’s such a grand concept. Because every single wine is absolutely unique. When you open a bottle, you never really know exactly what to expect.” Verena, Sommelier


Wine Tasting

In keeping with the maxim “A good wine must always be tasted,” our tasting menu includes a sampling of up to eight wines. Starting with sparkling wine, through white and red wines and ending with dessert wine, our sommelier Verena will accompany you through a universe of sensory experiences. Wine tastings, including a tour of the wine cellar, may be booked at any time; these sensorial journeys are the perfect accompaniment to our gourmet dining experience


Where the Vines Grow

A majority of the wines in the Golden Rose cellar come from South Tyrol's wine country. Some 20 different grape varieties grow on just under 5,500 hectares throughout the province. The diverse composition of the region's soil, its microclimatic diversity and, last but not least, extremely competent growers produce wines of the highest quality.


The Wine Cellar: A Mythical Place

Anyone who descends into the vaulted cellar of the former Carthusian monastery can feel the resonance of exquisite wines between the storied walls of the meticulously renovated rooms. The vaulted stone cellar is ideal for storing our exquisite selection of wines from South Tyrol and Italy. Guests are welcome to visit the cellar at any time; if you fall in love with a special wine, you’re more than welcome to purchase it at the enoteca price.