Ski Touring on the Glacier

A treat for ski touring enthusiasts


Even with plenty of skiing options, are you perhaps looking for something slightly more adventurous such as ski touring? Val Senales has it all. Countless peaks, valleys, mountain plateaus and panoramic viewpoints away from the traditional ski slopes - waiting to be discovered.


Easy: From Kurzras/Maso Corto to Stotz.

This easy and scenic route takes about 3 hours starting from Koflhöfen (about 0.7 km before Kurzras/Maso Corto) and proceeds southwards through Lagauntal. This route is also suitable for intermediate skiers. The route has an ascent of 949m above sea level.


Mid-level: From Kurzras/Maso Corto to Schwemser Spitze/Punta d’Oberettes

Between the Val Senales and Valle di Mazia valleys, the two mountains Palla Bianca (Weißkugel) and Punta d’Oberettes (Schwemser Spitze) rise. Ideal for firn ski touring, the route proceeds over an extremely steep ramp from Langgrubtal towards Punta d’Oberettes. Caution: This 4-5 hour route demands good visibility and safe avalanche conditions. The route has an ascent of 1445m above sea level.


Advanced: From Karthaus/Certosa to Zerminiger

This route is suitable for advanced skiers in good physical condition. Taking some 5-6 hours, the tour starts at Karthaus, proceeds over Penaudtal and Schlandrauntal to reach the Zerminiger double peak. The route has an ascent of 1780m above sea level. 

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