GLACISSE and Glacier-Based Beauty

The story behind the glacier beauty brand


The Val Senales Glacier belongs to one of the largest mountain masses in the world.

On the Main Alpine Ridge, between Austria and South Tyrol, Italy, the Hochjochferner lies, a glacier massif that stretches 3km in length. In late spring, when the glacier begins to thaw and the ‘tongues’ of the glacier draw back, residue consisting of the finest sand (geo. glacial till) shows, a result of the glacier striations. Their mineral configuration is exceptional and therefor represents the most unique rock strata composition of the Hochjochferner. 

In the summer, flowers and grass bloom in particular abundance over the melted areas of the glacier, flaunting a gorgeous display of blue, red and yellow mountain blossoms. All of this mountain activity has over the years been carefully observed during the hikes of Paul Grüner, mountaineer and owner of the Bella Vista mountain refuge. 

The therapeutic properties of the glacier were also recorded by Merano medical doctor Georg Götsch as early as 1864. It was not just the fresh cool air of the glacier that was noted to be of benefit, he also documented a at the time not yet explained positive reaction on skin diseases.

Over a hundred years later, Paul Grüner took to investigate this with the scientific support of renowned universities. Together they extracted and tested MICA GLACIAL®, a mineral complex that stemmed from the fine sand particles (glacial till) of the Hochjochferner glacier. The mineral complex would later represent the foundation of the nourishing and deeply restorative skincare line GLACISSE. If you would like to read more about the GLACISSE skincare line, please click here.