Sail Away to Lake Garda

A sailing excursion with Paul Grüner

Here in the Senales Valley, we’re surrounded by glaciers so large they hardly allow for giving thought to anything other than mountains, high-altitude air and seas of mountain summits. But a southern breeze sometimes blows through the Senales Valley, reminding us that we are in situated in the north of Italy and that beautiful Lago di Garda is a mere three-hour drive away. 

There on Lake Garda, an antique sailboat is moored in the harbor, swaying in the fresh water of Italy's largest lake. The boat is a dinghy cruiser, once owned by none other than Thomas Mann. Mann came to the Ulten Valley for medical treatment way back in 1901, and certainly also made trips to the Senales Valley. Of course, the sleek sailing boat is furnished with novels, novellas and stories written by its famous previous owner. 

In fact, this boat is a real beauty that catches the eye of all. Built in 1950 out of oak and mahogany, it is 7.25 m in length, 2.5 m in width and employs gaff rigging with a 30 m² sail. 

You will be accompanied by none other than our Paul Grüner as skipper. The day trip starts with collective departure from the Senales Valley and arrival in Malcesine. Lake Garda is 52 kilometers in length and 17 kilometers in width. Due to its vast size, three Italian provinces share its administration. Trento in the north, Verona in the east and Brescia in the west. While the energy of the southern Alps can still be felt and seen on the northern shore, vineyards sprawl along the southern shore, yielding grapes for the ruby-red Bardolino and the white Soave wine. 

When the boat is at full speed, the power of the surrounding mountain foothills is as palpable as the sailing wind in your hair. Once the sails are hoisted and the wind is favorable, the boat trip leads as far as the western shore of Lake Garda. Rocky shores beaming with the force of nature, soft, tall pine trees and people strolling along the shores mingle in a gentle interplay of swaying waves and cloud patterns in the sky, provided there is a little cloud to be seen. A peaceful cradle, while all around everything seems to be in bustling motion. Balm for the soul. 

The old sailor's greeting “Good wind and always a hand's breadth of water under the keel” also applies when you stay with us in Certose. Because when the spirit is open, more doors open. 

Anyone who wants to experience the mountains and the lake in close company is welcome to register at our reception desk for a day's sailing with a private skipper. 

A day of sailing excluding meals costs 380 euros and is, with undoubted guarantee, a memorable experience that will linger for a long time.